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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Chamber of Commerce?
A. The Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization and an advocate for its broad and diverse member businesses. Chambers leverage and enhance members' talents and resources to create a climate of growth and success in the community. Through leadership opportunities, volunteer efforts and business-building programs focused on critical business, civic and social priorities, the Chamber improves the economic vitality and quality of life for its members and community.

2. What does the Darke County Chamber of Commerce do?
A. The Darke County Chamber is the voice of business and a visionary organization in Darke County. The Chamber works to create value-added membership opportunities and a business climate that attracts new businesses and enhances growth and expansion opportunities for existing businesses.

3. Is the Chamber a government entity?
A. No, the Darke County Chamber is a not-for-profit corporation that operates and raises funds independently.

4. How many members does the Darke County Chamber of Commerce have?
A. Numbers of members vary on a monthly basis. The Darke County Chamber typically has between 350 - 400 members at any given time.

5. How many members does the Darke County Chamber have on its Board of Directors?
A. The Darke County Chamber Board of Directors has not less than eighteen (18) but not more than twenty-five (25) Directors.

6. Can I get a list of Darke County Chamber members?
A. The Chamber publishes a Business Directory and Resource Guide that is available to the public at no charge. There is also a digital copy of the Guide on the homepage of the website. The Chamber offers mailing labels to the Chamber Membership only for a fee of $100. Please visit our office at 209 East Fourth Street to receive a Business Directory and Resource Guide or to purchase labels. You may also visit our online business directory.

7. I am having a problem with ABC Company. Can you help me?
A. 1) We encourage individuals to resolve issues with area businesses directly. 2) We ask our Chamber members to comply with the Chamber’s Code of Conduct. 3) If the issue is outside of our scope of business, the Better Business Bureau of Miami Valley can help you. Their telephone number is (800) 776-5301.


1. How do I find out about Chamber events?
A: Current Chamber events are listed on the website.

2: Can non-members attend Chamber events?
A: Most Chamber events are for members only and are not open to the public. Some events are open to the public at a higher registration fee to attend. It's best to check the events page for details of each event.

3: Can the Chamber office sponsor my event or donate money to my cause?
A: We traditionally only support and promote events that are sponsored by the Chamber office. For more information, call the Chamber of Commerce at (937) 548-2102.


1: How do I find out what events are going on in Darke County?
A: You may find additional information at the following links:

Darke County Visitors Bureau
421 South Broadway, Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 548-5158

Mainstreet Greenville
421 South Broadway, Greenville, OH 45331
Phone: (937) 548-4998

2: How can I get a map of Darke County?
A: Contact the Darke County Visitors Bureau at 421 South Broadway, Greenville or call (937) 548-5158.

3: How do I find demographic and cost of living information for Darke County, OH?
A: Darke County’s population is 52,076 (2015) with a median household income of $44,632. Learn more.


1: I heard the Chamber offers group insurance. How can I get more information?
A: Visit the Member Benefits page of this website.

2: What kinds of businesses and organizations join the Chamber?
A: Businesses of every size and industry, as well as trade and professional associations are Darke County Chamber members. Learn more about our businesses.

3: My business is not in Darke County, why should I join the Darke County Chamber?
A: Many organizations are members of several local Chambers. If you do business in Darke County, you would benefit by becoming a member of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce.

4: Who can become a member of the Darke County Chamber?
A: The Chamber welcomes any small, medium or large local, regional, national or international business.

5: How do I join?
A: Go to the Join the Chamber section of this website for more information.

6: Is my Chamber membership tax deductible?
A: Yes and no. Darke County Chamber of Commerce membership dues are tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Dues paid to the Chamber are not a charitable tax deduction for federal income tax purposes. The Chamber is not a charity, but serves as an advocate for business. Check with an accountant for tax information.

7: How much does it cost to become a member?
A: Visit the Investment Schedule on this website.

8: Why should I join?
A: The Darke County Chamber of Commerce supports and serves businesses throughout the county. The Chamber connects members to important community issues, and provides unique opportunities for individuals and businesses to make a difference. Learn about member benefits.

9: How can I get involved?
A: Participation is key and being involved helps make the difference. Being a member of the Chamber creates important connections that enable individuals and companies to do and achieve more. Learn about involvement opportunities by exploring the Committees and Councils section of this website.

10: How does the Chamber benefit my business?
A: As the leading local advocate for business, the Chamber helps create a climate of growth and success in which all companies - regardless of size or industry - can prosper.

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