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Message From the President

Darke County Chamber President Sharon Deschambeau

Dear friends of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce,

On behalf of the Chamber Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your support of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce.  As we celebrate our 90th year as the oldest and largest organization serving business in Darke County, we recognize that the hard work of our members is what has made this Chamber successful.

The Chamber legacy began in 1927 when community leaders saw the need and opportunity to work together so that all could benefit from a coordinated effort.  Darke County has changed dramatically since its inception and the Chamber has been right there leading the way.

As we have grown and changed, it has become even more important to work and plan together with common goals and united leadership.  It is with the legacy of cooperative leadership and service that the Chamber Board has chosen to look to the future of our chamber to identify our changing role and direction in coming years.

With an eye to the future, a plan to nurture and grow a leadership presence of the millennial generation recently came to fruition with the addition of three millennial directors to the Chamber Board. Their presence provides a voice for new ideas and thought processes and assures that a continuity of Chamber values, mission and vision will carry on. The Chamber continues to support the Coalition for a Healthy Darke County, a non-profit partner organization formed by the Chamber to address social issues that impact business and our communities.

I am honored to serve as the Chamber President and to be of assistance to our membership.  Your input is welcome, so please feel free to reach out to me with your suggestions or concerns.  I hope you will join the Chamber to continue working toward solutions for business in Darke County.

All the best,

Sharon Deschambeau